GATE (GA) Textile 2022 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2022/GA/03

Question 3 (General Aptitude)

Pipes P and Q can fill a storage tank in full with water in 10 and 6 minutes, respectively. Pipe R draws the water out from the storage tank at a rate of 34 litres per minute. P, Q and R operate at a constant rate.
If it takes one hour to completely empty a full storage tank with all the pipes operating simultaneously, what is the capacity of the storage tank (in litres)?

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Here , the tank is already full and still pipe R draws the water out from storage tank.
Therefore work done by R in 1 a min (one tank in a minute)=60/(10+6+1)
Capacity of storage=60*34/17
=120 litres Ans.

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