GATE (TF) Textile 2022 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2022/TF/47

Question 47 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

The twist angle (degree) of surface fibres in a yarn with density of 700 kg/m3 and twist multiplier of 6000 m-1 .tex0.5 (rounded off to nearest integer), is _.

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Given in the question-

Yarn density(d_y)=700 kg/m3
=700 x 1000/1000000 gm/cm3
=7/10 gm/cm3
=0.7 gm/cm3

Specific volume of yarn(V_y)=\frac{1}{Density of yarn}

Specific volume of yarn(V_y)=\frac{1}{d_y}

Specific volume of yarn(V_y)=\frac{1}{0.7}

Specific volume of yarn(V_y)=1.43 cm3/gm

Twist multiplier(TM)=6000 m_-1.tex^0.5

TM=6000/100 cm_-1.tex^0.5

TM=60 cm_-1.tex^0.5

Twist angle(\alpha, in degrees)=?

By formula of twist theory-

Tan\alpha=0.0112\times V_y^\frac{1}{2} \times TM

Where TM is twist multiplier

By putting the value of V_y in the above formula-

We get-

Tan\alpha=0.0112\times 1.43^\frac{1}{2} \times 60

Tan\alpha=0.0112\times \sqrt(1.43)\times 60

Tan\alpha=0.0112\times 1.195\times 60


\alpha=tan^-1 (0.803)

\alpha=38.76 degree (Ans)

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

What is twist angle ?

Twist angle is a term used to describe the orientation of fibers or yarns relative to each other in a twisted structure, such as a twisted yarn or rope. Twist angle is the angle between the fibers in the yarn and the axis of the yarn. In a twisted yarn, the fibers are typically arranged in a helical pattern around the axis of the yarn, and the twist angle determines the tightness of this helical arrangement. Twist angle is an important factor in determining the physical properties of a twisted structure, such as its strength, durability, and resistance to untwisting. In the textile industry, twist angle is used to control the properties of yarns and fabrics, such as their appearance, feel, and strength. The direction and amount of twist can also influence the behavior of the fibers or yarns during processing and end use.

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