GATE (TF) Textile 2022 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2022/TF/52

Question 52 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

For a wool fibre strand, the relationship betweenV_r(limit CV % of linear density) and N (average number of fibres in the cross-section of the strand) is given below.

    \[V_r = \frac{112}{\sqrt{N}}\]

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Given in the question-

    \[V_r = \frac{112}{\sqrt{N}}\]

Where V_r is the CV% limit of wool fibre strand and N is the average number of fibres in the cross-section

By the formula-


Where V_s is the Limit CV% of linear density of wool fibre







V_s=\sqrt (2544)



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