Textile Testing

Sampling Techniques for Fibres,
yarns and fabrics;
Sample Size and Sampling Errors.

Moisture in Textiles;
Fibre Length,
Maturity and Trash Content;
Tensile Testing of Fibres;
High Volume Fibre Testing.

Linear Density of Sliver, Linear Density Roving and Linear Density of Yarn;
Twist of Yarn and Hairiness of Yarn;
Tensile Testing of Yarns;
Evenness Testing;
Fault Measurement and Analysis of Yarns.

Fabric Thickness,
Fabric Compressibility,
Fabric Stiffness,
Fabric Shear,
Fabric Drape,
Crease Recovery,
Tear Strength,
Bursting Strength,
Pilling Resistance and Abrasion Resistance;
Tensile Testing of Fabrics;
Objective Evaluation of Low Stress Mechanical Characteristics;
Air Permeability;
Wetting and Wicking;
Water-Vapour Transmission Through Fabrics;
Thermal Resistance of Fabrics.