Yarn Manufacture, Yarn Structure and Properties

Principles of ginning;
Principles of opening,
cleaning and blending;
Working principles of modern blow room machines;
Fundamentals of carding;
Conventional vs. modern carding machine;
Card setting;
Card clothing;
Periodic mass variation in card sliver;
Card auto leveller;
Principles of roller drawing;
Roller arrangements in drafting systems;
Periodic mass variation in drawn sliver;
Draw frame auto leveller;
Principles of cotton combing;
Combing cycle and mechanisms;
Recent developments in combing machine;
Principles of drafting, twisting, and bobbin building in roving formation;
Modern developments in roving machine;
Principles of drafting, twisting and cop building in ring spinning;
Causes of end breakages;
Modern developments in ring spinning machine;
Working principles of ring doubler and Working principle of two-for-one twister;
Relationship between single yarn twist and folded yarn twist;
Principles of Compact Spinning,
Principle of Open End Spinning,
Principle of Rotor Spinning,
Principle of Airjet Spinning,
Principle of air-vortex Spinning,
Principle of Friction Spinning,
Principle of Core Spinning,
Principle of Wrap Spinning,
and Principle of Twist-Less Spinning.
Influence of Fibre Geometry in Yarn,
Influence of Fibre Configuration in Yarn,
and Influence of Fibre Orientation in Yarn;
Fibre Packing Density of Yarn;
Yarn Diameter;
Yarn twist and its relation to yarn strength;
Helical Arrangement of Fibres in Yarns;
Yarn Contraction;
Fibre Migration in Yarns;
Stress-strain relation in yarn;
Mass irregularity of yarn;
Structure-property relationship in ring yarn,
compact yarn,
rotor yarn,
air-jet yarn and friction spun yarns.