Dry Spinning

1. Introduction
2. Principle of Dry Spinning

In the dry spinning process,a  solution consisting of a fiber-forming material and a solvent is extruded through a spinneret. A stream of hot air impinges on the jets of solution emerging from the spinneret, the solvent evaporates, and solid filaments are left behind i.e.Dry spinning is used for polymers that need to be dissolved in a solvent. The key variables in dry spinning are heat transfer, mass transfer and stress on the filament. Solvent spinning (dry spinning and wet spinning) are used by 30% of the fibers.
Example– Cellulose, Acetate, PAN etc.

Dry Spinning
3. Process of Dry Spinning
  • A volatile solvent is used to dissolve the raw materials and form a salutation.
  • The solution is purified by filter.
  • The solution is extruded through a spinneret into a warm air chamber where the solvent evaporates, solidifying the fine filaments and
  • The filament yarn either is immediately wound onto bobbins or is further treated for certain desired characteristics or end use.

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