Open End Spinning

In all other spinning processes ,an uninterrupted stream of fibres proceeds continuously,but with gradual attenuation, from the feedstock to the take-up package. In open end spinning, this flow of fibres is interrupted, the fibre strand being opened to individual fibres at a predetermined position,usually by means of an opening roller. This enables twist to be imparted by rotation of the yarn end, which in turn leads to significantly higher speed of rotation.

A constant stream of separated fibres is allowed to flow to a rotating yarn end. The brush like,open yarn end grasps the fibres brought in to contact with it and continuously rolling movement. The continuously formed yarn has only to be withdrawn and taken up on a cross-wound package. The followings spinning are:

  • rotor spinning
  • air-vortex spinning
  • friction spinning
  • electrostatic spinning
  • disc spinning