Wrap Spinning

The wrap spinning is a process in which a drafted strand of parallel fibres is wrapped by either surface fibres protruding from the fibres strand or by a continuous filament or filaments. The wrapping filament imparts coherence and strength to the resulting yarn in the wrap spinning process.

Operating principle-A roving or sliver feedstock is drafted in a 3,4 or 5 roller drafting arrangement.The fibre strand delivered runs through a hollow spindle without receiving true twist.In order to impart strength to the strand before it falls apart, a continuous filament thread is wound around the strand as it issues from the drafting arrangement. The continuous filament thread comes from a small , rapidly rotating bobbin mounted on the hollow spindle. Withdrawal rollers lead the resulting wrap yarn to a winding device. The wrap yarn thus always consists of two components, one  twist-free staple-fibre component in the yarn core and a filament wound around the core.