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A cotton fabric has 25 ends per cm, 28 picks per cm, warp count 30 tex, weft count 15 tex, warp crimp 12%. The diameter of the yarn is given by; 4.44 x 10-3 (yarn tex/fibre density)1/2

Question 73 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The fabric thickness (mm) will be

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Option B is correct
Given in the question-

Ends per cm(EPCM)=25

Picks per cm(PPCM)=28

Warp count=30 tex

Weft count=15 tex

Warp crimp=12%

By formula-

Fabric thickness(t)=h_1+d_1=h_2+d_2

Fabric thickness(t)=h_1+d_1

Fabric thickness(t)=\frac{136 \times \sqrt Warp crimp percentage}{ppcm\times 2.54} \times 1000 \times 2.54+19.58 \times 10^-3

d1 as calculated in question no. 71.

Fabric thickness(t)=\frac{136 \times \sqrt 12}{28\times 2.54 \times 1000} \times 2.54+19.58 \times 10^-3

Fabric thickness(t)=0.03640+0.01958

Fabric thickness(t)=0.036 cm

Fabric thickness(t)=0.36 mm (Ans)

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