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The number of spindles assigned to a Spinner is 1200. The end breakage rate is 15 per 100 spindle-hours. The number of standing breaks at any time is 9.

Question 78 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The loss (%) in machine efficiency due to end breakage is

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Option c is correct.

Given in the question-

No. of spindes assigned to a spinner=1200

End breakage rate=15 per 100 spindles -hours

The number of standing breaks at any time =9

The loss(%) in machine efficieny due to end breakage=?

By unitary rule-

100 spindles have……………..=15 end breakage

So, 1200 spindles have……..=15 x 1200/100 breakage

Total breakage=180

By formula-

Loss(%) in machine efficiency=Number of standing breaks x 100/Total spindles assigned

Loss(%) in machine efficiency=9 x 100/1200

Loss(%) in machine efficiency=0.75 (Ans)

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