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Assume Peirce’s Geometry and circular yarn of 0.5 mm diameter. A square plain woven fabric with maximum sett would have

Question 54 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Approximate crimp (%) in warp and weft yarns as

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Peirce’s geometry

Diameter of circular yarn=0.5 mm

A square plain woven fabric with sett.

i.e ,



In case of jammed fabric-

By formula-

Crimp%=(l-p) x 100/p

p=D Sin\theta

l=D \times \theta

Crimp%=(l/p-1) x 100

Crimp%=(\frac{D\times \theta}{D\times Sin \theta}-1) \times  100

For square jammed fabric-


Crimp%=(\frac{D\times \frac{\pi}{3}}{D\times Sin (60^o)}-1) \times  100

Crimp%=(\frac{\frac{3.14}{3}}{Sin (60^o)}-1) \times  100

Crimp%=(\frac{\frac{3.14}{3}}{\frac{\sqrt3}{2}}-1) \times  100

Crimp%=(1.21-1) \times  100

Crimp%=0.21 \times  100

Crimp%=21% (Ans)

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