GATE (TF) Textile 2010 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2010/TF/53

Question 53 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

If the diameter of the above yarn (as in question – 52) is 0.28 mm, the twist angle will be approximately

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Given in the question-

Diameter of the yarn(D)=0.28 mm

D=0.28 /10 cm

D=0.028 cm
Twist angle=?

By twist angle geometry-

tan \alpha=\pi \times D \times TPCM

Where \alpha is the twist angle

tan \alpha=3.14 \times 0.028  \times TPCM

From question no. 52,solution-

We have calculated TPCM=6.83

tan \alpha=3.14 \times 0.028  \times 6.83

tan \alpha=0.60

\alpha= tan^-1 (0.60)



Option C is correct approximately.

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