GATE (GA) Textile 2020 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2020/GA/09

Question 09 (General Aptitude)
Q.9Given a semicircle with O as the centre, as shown in the figure, the ratio \frac{\overline{AC}+\overline{CB}}{\overline{AB}} is _________, where \overline{AC}, \overline{CB} and \overline{AB} are chords.
gate 2020 textile question no 9
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AB is the diameter of semicircle i.e. Let, AB=2a and radius AO=CO=OB=a

AC and CB are the chords

AC=CB=a\sqrt 2


\frac{\overline{AC}+\overline{CB}}{\overline{AB}}=\frac{a\sqrt 2+a\sqrt 2}{2a}

\frac{\overline{AC}+\overline{CB}}{\overline{AB}}=\frac{2a\sqrt 2}{2a}

=\sqrt 2 (Ans)

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