GATE (GA) Textile 2020 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2020/GA/10

Question 10 (General Aptitude)

The revenue and expenditure of four different companies P, Q, R and S in 2015 are shown in the figure. If the revenue of company Q in 2015 was 20% more than in 2014, and company Q had earned a profit of 10% on expenditure in 2014, then its expenditure (in million rupees) in 2014 was _______.

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Let, expenditure in 2014=x

Profit in 2014=x+x \times \frac{40}{100}

Profit in 2014=1.1x

Given, Revenue_q=Revenue_q+Revenue_q \times 20%

Revenue_q=1.1x+1.1x \times 20%


Given, revenue of Q=45 million rs=1.32x

x=34.09 million rs (Ans)

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