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Question 20 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

In winding, if traverse speed and package surface speed are the same, the angle of wind (in degree) is ____45_____.

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Tan\theta=Vt(traverse speed)/Vs(surface speed)
As given in the question, traverse speed=surface speed , i.e. Vt=Vs
Now, Tan\theta=Vt/Vs =Vs /Vs =1,
\theta=45o (Answer)

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Explain traverse speed ?

In the context of textiles, traverse speed refers to the speed at which a textile material or fabric moves through a processing machine during the manufacturing process.
For example, in a weaving machine, traverse speed would refer to the speed at which the warp yarns are fed through the loom to create the fabric. In a knitting machine, traverse speed would refer to the speed at which the knitting needles move back and forth to form the fabric.
The traverse speed is an important factor in textile manufacturing because it can affect the quality and properties of the final product. A slower traverse speed can allow for more precise control over the manufacturing process and may result in a higher quality product with fewer defects. On the other hand, a faster traverse speed may be necessary for higher production rates, but may result in a lower quality product if not carefully controlled.

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