GATE (TF) Textile 2021 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2021/TF/47

Question 47 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

In a 3 over 3 drafting arrangement, the diameter of all bottom rollers is 28 mm. The back zone draft is 1.3 and the front zone draft is 6. If the back bottom roller is eccentric then the wavelength (mm) of the resulting fault in the drawn sliver, (rounded off to two decimal places), is __685.00 to 687.00__.

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As given in the question:

In 3/3 drafting roller arrangement , bottom roller diameter=28mm
Back zone draft=1.3
Front zone draft=6

if back bottom roller is eccentric then, Wavelength of the resulting fault in drawn sliver(\lambda)=draft in front zone x draft in back zone x \pi x diameter of back bottom roller

i.e , Wavelength(\lambda)=6 x 1.3 x 3.14 x 28 mm

\lambda=685.78 mm(mili meter) (Answer)

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