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What Sports Fabric does Indian Cricket Team Wear ?

Fabric used in Sports Jerseys and Uniforms is special type of fabric, which is suitable for sports player. Sports jersey should be quick drying, stretchable to avoid movement restriction and comfortable. Proper sports clothing improves players performance. Lets discuss types of fabrics used in sports industry:

1. PMC | Polyester Mixed with Cotton | Poly Cotton

Polly Cotton is blend of cotton and polyester, usually a composition of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Proportion of cotton and polyester can be changed as per fabric specifications. PMC is stronger than pure cotton and comfortable on skin. PMC is light weight and allows air to pass through it. It is shiny fabric and looks bright on players. This fabric is used in many sports dresses and jerseys like football, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball etc. GSM for PMC is 160-170.

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2. Dot Knit Fabric (100% Polyester):

Dot knit fabric is most commonly used fabric for sports apparels and clothing wears. It is made up of 100% polyester. Knit fabric is made up by interlocking of yarns. It is light weight, breathable with properties to wick moisture off of your body. It widely used in sports uniforms like cricket, hockey, volley ball, badminton etc.

3. Rice Knit Fabric (100% Polyester):

It is called Rice Knit Fabric because of its print structure. Dot over the fabric looks like rice. It is very breathable and light weight with gsm of 160 – 170. The mesh in the fabric has rice like structure and hence the name. It is popularly used in sublimation jerseys for football and hockey due to its comfort in warm climate. Rice knit fabric is easily available in different colors. Rice knit fabric is suitable for warm weather uses. Rice knit fabric is decent, less glossy looking fabric.

4. Air knit Fabric (100% Polyester):

Air knit or Air mesh is light weight and is very breathable. It mainly used in Cricket and Hockey jerseys due to dynamic color in sublimation jerseys. Air mesh fabric is usually in 3 layers, made up of polyester. Upper layer, middle layer and lower layer combine to make air knit fabric. It is also called sandwich fabric because of layer formations. Air knit fabric is soft, durable and breathable. It is also used in bags, chairs, shoes, slippers, seat covers etc. This fabric is comfortable and can be cleaned easily.

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Advantages of Knit Fabric

1. It is stretchable and flexible fabric because of its interlock design pattern.
2. Knit fabric is elastic in nature so it resists the wrinkles.
3. Knitted fabric is soft fabric and feels smooth on skin.
4. Knitted fabric is easy to wash and maintain.

Disadvantages of Knit Fabric

1. Knitted fabric is not durable fabric hence easy to get damaged.
2. Knitted fabric is difficult is sew, because of its stretchiness.

5. Diagonal Fabric (100 % Polyester):

It is heavy weight with gsm 230 – 240 and is not breathable. Diagonal widely used in pants of various sport including baseball, cricket and football due to its heavy-duty characteristics and shiny texture. It has vibrant colors and is considered good for sublimation uniforms. This fabric has straight line diagonally pattern. Diagonal fabric is soft hence can be used for many applications. Diagonal fabric is durable, soft, breathable, attractive, and drapes well.

6. Poly Mesh Fabric (100% Polyester):

Poly mesh fabric is 100% polyester knitted fabric. It is light weight and very breathable. It is mainly used for designing purpose eg. for side net design in the jerseys. It is very comfortable for hot weather. Polymesh fabric is hydrophobic, durable. Mesh fabrics are used to create products for activities such as sports, camping, hunting and fishing, and more. Mesh fabric is a barrier material that is produced from connected strands. These strands can be crafted from fibers, from metal, or any flexible material. The connected threads of the mesh produce a web-like net that has many different uses and applications. Mesh fabric can be highly durable, strong, and flexible. They are known for, and commonly used in scenarios where liquid, air and fine particulate needs permeability.

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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

What are sports fabrics called?

Sport fabrics are customized fabrics, usually blends of polyester, nylon and cotton. Their proportion is decided as per requirement of team. The fabric is usually air knitted fabric to provide softness and breathability.

Which cloth is best for sports?

Any light weight cloth which is comfortable, strong and stretchable is suitable for sports dress.

What material are sports clothes made of?

Sports cloth fabric is usually blend of polyester, nylon and cotton.

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