taant saree

Taant Saree

Taant saree is made up of cotton in handloom by weavers primarily from West Bengal. Taant fabric is famous for being light and slightly transparent. This especially woven fabric, is comfortable in hot, humid and tropical areas. Cotton is the most comfortable and airy material for summers, it is breathable and absorbs sweat. The term “taant” refers to the handlooms in Bengal that are used to weave cotton sarees along with dhotis and other garments.

Taant is traditional old craft of Bengal which is believed to be originated in 15th century. Bengal has successfully preserved this beautiful art of traditional ancient weaving technique. As this traditional craft has passed on from one generation to another, each area has its own special variety, and particular style of art.

Taant saree are famous for its thick border and beautiful designed pallav. Weavers use fine quality cotton yarn to weave good quality taant saree.

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