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Textile Ministry Hiring Young Professionals 2023

Job Introduction

The Textile Ministry Young Professional Program is a dynamic initiative designed to attract and nurture young talent in the field of textiles. This program, led by the Textile Ministry, offers an opportunity for ambitious individuals to contribute to the growth and development of the textile industry. As a Textile Ministry Young Professional, you will be part of a vibrant team dedicated to driving innovation, implementing policies, and promoting the overall competitiveness of the textile sector. This program provides a platform for young professionals to gain hands-on experience, develop industry-specific skills, and make a significant impact on the textile landscape.

Job Details
Post NameYoung Professionals
Post Type Contractual
Salary Rs 60,000/-
Age Limit 35 years

Educational Qualification Master Degree from a recognized university /institution in one
of the following Disciplines :
i. Economics,
ii. L.L.M,
iii. MBA,
iv. MCA/M.Tech,
v. M.Com,
vi. Public Administration,
vii. Social Sciences,
viii. Mass Communication,
Desirable: Previous work experience in Govt. Departments.
Post Qualification Experience Required Minimum 1 year
Contract Period 2 years
Last Date to Apply 31/May/2023
Official AdvertisementApplication From

How to Apply ?
  1. Read the Official Recruitment Advertisement carefully.
  2. Fill application form then attach CV and self attested copies of relevant documents.
  3. Send email to admin-textiles@gov.in and estabmot3@gmail.com .
  4. Subject of Email should be : “Application for the post of Young Professional at MoT : [insert your name] against Adv No MoT/03/2023 dated :11/05/2023”

Selection Process

Selection committee will shortlist the application forms and then decision regarding interview for final selection.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Who is the current minister of textile?

Shri Piyush Goyal is current Union textile minister of India.

Who is the Minister of Textile Industry in 2023?

Shri Piyush Goyal is current Union textile minister of India.

Which Ministry is textile industry?

The textile industry is often overseen by the Ministry of Textiles or a similar ministry dedicated to the development, promotion, and regulation of the textile sector. The specific name and structure of the ministry may vary from country to country. In many countries, there is a separate ministry or department solely focused on textiles, while in others, textiles may fall under a broader ministry that includes industries and commerce.

What is the work of textile Ministry?

The work of a Textile Ministry typically revolves around the development, promotion, regulation, and overall growth of the textile industry within a country. While the specific responsibilities may vary between countries, here are some common areas of focus for a Textile Ministry:

Policy Formulation: The Textile Ministry is responsible for formulating and implementing policies that govern the textile industry. This includes creating strategies to enhance competitiveness, promote innovation, support research and development, and ensure sustainable growth.

Industry Development: The ministry works to foster the growth and development of the textile sector. This involves identifying opportunities for expansion, attracting investments, facilitating technological advancements, and providing support to textile businesses and entrepreneurs.

Regulation and Compliance: The Textile Ministry is often responsible for enforcing regulations and standards related to textile manufacturing, labeling, quality control, and environmental sustainability. This ensures that the industry operates in a safe, fair, and ethical manner.

International Trade and Export Promotion: The ministry plays a role in facilitating international trade for the textile industry. This includes negotiating trade agreements, participating in trade fairs and exhibitions, and promoting textile exports to enhance market access and competitiveness on a global scale.

Skill Development and Training: The Textile Ministry may oversee initiatives related to skill development and training programs for the textile workforce. This involves collaborating with educational institutions, conducting training programs, and promoting vocational training to enhance the skills and employability of individuals in the sector.

Research and Development: Promoting research and development activities within the textile industry is another important function of the ministry. This includes supporting research institutions, funding innovation projects, and fostering collaborations between industry and academia to drive technological advancements and product innovation.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives: Many Textile Ministries prioritize sustainability and environmental initiatives to address the environmental impact of the industry. This involves promoting eco-friendly practices, encouraging the adoption of sustainable materials and technologies, and implementing waste management and pollution control measures.

These are some of the key areas of work for a Textile Ministry, but the actual scope and responsibilities may vary depending on the country’s specific context and priorities.

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